PROTAB ECG Tab Electrodes (and also to be sold under various private label trade names; i.e. Multiple Labels) will be offered with solid adhesive gel.

PROTAB ECG Tab Electrodes are:

  • self-adhesive
  • non-sterile
  • single use disposable electrodes for diagnostic resting ECG
  • composed of a PET tape
  • Ag/AgCl ink
  • conductive gel
  • These are configured as 10 (ten) electrodes applied to a siliconized transparent PET card
  • ten cards per pouch


Order CodeShapeSize(mm)MaterialPatient / Use / PeriodPacking
PT1334Poise13 x 34PET, Ag/AgClGeneral / Diagnostic / 2days10pcs/Card, 10card/Pouch, 5pouch/Inbox, 10inbox/Case
PT2034Poise20 x 34
PT2334Poise23 x 34
PT2634Poise26 x 34
PT3034Poise30 x 34