ECG Accessories

ECG Accessories include a full range of solid gel electrodes that are ideal for monitoring, stress test and Holter monitoring.

They guarantee perfect transmission of the signal and an optimal adhesiveness for easy application and removal. The support is made of biocompatible material. Electrical performance according to ANSI/AAMI EC 12. Different shapes and sizes are avaliable to suit your every need.

A Variety of Tab Electrode Designs to Accommodate Virtually All Resting ECG Applications
  • Conductive adhesive hydrogel for excellent adhesion and clear, reliable tracings
  • Silver/Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl) sensing system is defibrillation recoverable
  • Variety of shapes, sizes and substrates to accommodate different skin types and applications
  • Latex-free, DEHP-free, mercury-free


We supply ECG electrodes called 'Telectrodes', which are used for various ECG tests.
These are excellent components for sensitive monitoring.

Hydro-gel’s main advantage is one of minimizing movement artifacts by increasing the bond between the skin and the sensing element.

Most importantly, the adhesive gel stocks both the skin of the patient and to the sensing element, so that movement artifacts can be significantly lowered.

Clean for the Patient

In addition, dirty residue from the foam will not be left on the patient's skin after use.